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The World of Music
  • Okay, I am a Frank Zappa fan, so it is not astonishing that one of my favorite links is 'St. Alphonzo's Pancake Homepage'. Even people not addicted to Frank Zappa might admire the way Robbert Heederik has created a fascinating FZ-multimedia-web. Besides music, MIDI-files, tablatures, images, interviews and other stuff you will find useful references to the various other FZ-Sites.
  • "why do we crucify ourselves, every day i crucify myself, nothing i do is good enough for you" that was the first I heard of Tori Amos, and you can believe me, I haven't been crucified by listening to her music, and it is not only good enough for me, it is the best I have heard for years. 
Mathematics and Computer Science
  • There is a site about Evariste Galois, where you can find lots of interesting work about him and his work in six languages: Galois-Group
  • If your interested in learning a computer language and you don't know which one, then Python should be your choice. It's easy to learn and powerful to use. You can find out more about Python in the Python online course with a turial and advanced topics.
    Some self-promotion may be allowed: If you want to attend a Python course with a tutor, I can suggest one of my Python courses at Bodenseo.
  • A new project deals with SQL: I am working on a website with an introduction into SQL based on MySQL: SQL course
  • What do you think about statistics. Maybe "The theory is great but the application just one big lie"? In this case "Lying with Statistics" will be the right website for you.
Bilingual Education
    We are raising our children bilingually (German/English), so it's quite natural that I'm interested in sites related to this topic.
  • The "ImF e.V" (Interessengemeinschaft mehrsprachiger Familien) is a German based group which is providing a lot of information both in English and German.

  • On my site you will find Bilingual Upbringing of Children in the home.
  • The Bilingual Families Web Page is another useful source of information. Cindy Kandolf who is maintaining these pages is running a very interesting Bilingual Families mailing list as well. The members of this list originate from all corners of the world, but one thing they have in common, is that they are raising children bilingually or multilingually, or at least have an interest in bilingual family relationships. Join the list and share the joys and sorrows of others!
  • When you get something for free, you get what you pay for!!! That means if you don't use what you get for free, it won't do you any good. But sometimes it is nice to have a library your friends and family can use, even if they don't always use it.
  • I am running an interesting website for authors who want to promote their books. Unfortunately this website is in German: Autoren heute
  • The last link will be of hardly any use for most of you all, because you most probably live too far away from the Lake Constance area, but here it is anyway: The best cooking service in the area (of course it's the best, because it is run by my wife Karola and her friend Geli :-) ): Home Cook Service

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