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Bermuda Triangle

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Ten-Percent Myth

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Interpretation, Reliability and Credibility of Testimonies


Questions and Answers

Q:What is a dilemma?
A: A lemma that proves two results.


Q: What's nonorientable and lives in the sea?
A: Moebius Dick.


Q: Why did the mathematician name his dog "Cauchy"?
A: Because he left a residue at every pole.


Q: What's yellow, linear, normed and complete?
A: A Bananach space.


Q: What's a polar bear?
A: A rectangular bear after a coordinate transform.


Q: What does the little mermaid wear?
A: An Algebra


Q: How many light bulbs does it take to change a light bulb?
A: One, if it knows its own Goedel number.


Q: What does the zero say to the the eight?
A: Nice belt!


Q: How does one insult a mathematician?
A: You say: "Your brain is smaller than any ε