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Founder of Bodenseo, Python Course Enthusiast, Musician

About Bernd Klein

Welcome to Bernd Klein's personal space. Bernd is the founder of Bodenseo, a contributor to the Python community through, and a musician exploring the world of melodies on

Bodenseo - Empowering Learning

Bodenseo is a platform dedicated to empowering learning through a variety of courses. Explore the world of knowledge with Bodenseo's expert-led educational programs.

Python Course - Dive into Python

Discover the wonders of Python programming at Bernd Klein's passion for Python comes alive through comprehensive tutorial and courses that cater to both beginners and seasoned developers.

Bernd Klein's Books

  • "Numerisches Python: Arbeiten mit NumPy, Matplotlib und Pandas"
  • Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG; 2., aktualisierte und erweiterte Edition (11. August 2023)
  • "Einführung in Python 3: Für Ein- und Umsteiger"
  • Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH & Co. KG; 4., vollständig überarbeitete Edition (18. Juni 2021)

Musical Works -

Immerse yourself in Bernd Klein's musical works at Experience the harmonies and creativity that define his musical journey.

Also, check out Bernd's musical performances and compositions on his YouTube channel.

Top Ten Videos:

  1. Le roi et ces trois chateaux / The King and his Three Castles
  2. "Neptune dreams of Andalusia"
  3. Colours of Paris
  4. Design for Dreaming
  5. Waltzing at the Fair
  6. Out of the Mud
  7. Color of Copper
  8. Love, Peace and Harmony
  9. Beyond Closure
  10. Crystal Sonata

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Intellectual Property

International Colloquium on Intellectual Property of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Potsdam:

Bernd Klein, Intellectual Property, Colloquium in Potsdam
"Bernd Klein: Economic Activity in Spite of Intellectual Property"

If you are interested in the so-called intellectual property (or German "Geistiges Eigentum"), you might be interested in the website of Bernd Klein called "Geistiges Eigentum: Die geistige Enteignung des Individuums". Unfortunately, this websites is mainly German so far, but nevertheless their are some English parts in it, like the interview with Simon Indelicate from the Indelicates: "New Art for the People"


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